Our Expectation:

# what we got!!

PHDF5 compiled and linked against IOR from 2003 - 2019

IOR executed with transfer size and block size 1MB

srun --export ALL $INSTALL_DIR/bin/ior -a HDF5   -b 1G -t 1G -C -e

Platform: H5CLUSTER v1.0.14

Instance Type: 4xNVME 96core m5d.metal 25Mb/sec ethernet
ior  -a HDF5  -b 10GB -t 1GB ; ior  -a MPIIO -b 10GB -t 1GB
Throughput gain: 3GByte/sec with each node added


the first non-intrusive persistence

for modern C++

Created by Steven Varga in co-operation with Gerd Heber, HDFGroup

Online version of this presentation: http://chicago.h5cpp.org

The first non-intrusive persistence for modern C++

  • Support for Objects: The STL, 7 popular Linear Algebra Systems arbitrarily deep POD struct, arrays, raw pointers...
  • True usability / flexibility trade-off
  • Can start with zero HDF5 knowledge
  • Zero overhead over HDF5 CAPI